2.3 billion people across the globe are followers of Jesus Christ.
On this page are a variety of resources to help you check out the evidence for yourself.
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So what is the Christian Faith about?

A ten minute overview of Mark’s Gospel, which is an eyewitness account of Jesus’ ministry.

Did the Resurrection happen?

We believe that the evidence for the resurrection is compelling. Check it out for yourself here. There is a short and a long version, both by an ex atheist who checked the evidence and changed his mind.

The 2 minute version

The 35 minute version

Recommended Books to help you explore further

Reading the Bible itself is the best way to engage with God – but it’s a big book (or rather a whole collection of smaller books). 
This button links to a series of 5 minute videos that allow you to explore if the bible can be trusted, how it was put together and what it says.


3 2 1: The Story of God, the World and You:  Glen Scrivener.  ISBN-10 : 1909611948

Questions of Life: An Opportunity to Explore the Meaning of Life: Nicky Gumbel.   ISBN-10 : 1473680719

Who is this Jesus?:  Michael Green.  ISBN-10 : 1573834084


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